"Tener Duende", to have duende, is a beautiful Spanish expression that is difficult to translate in English. It can be conveyed as the ability to come up with creative solutions, or for artists, to perform with passion. At Duenders you will find a team of passionate people who love what they do and love to use technology to solve challenging problems.


Design and Implementation

From data infrastructure to AI use cases with Generative AI, we won’t abandon you midway through the journey. We create data products from A to Z, ensuring continuous support and partnership.

Data & AI Strategy

If you don't know where you want to go, you'll end up in very bad places. We can help you craft the perfect journey you need to reach your data and AI goals.

Generative AI workshops

For business or technical audiences. Keep your workforce up to date. Do not fall behind your competitors. This is a revolution, not an incremental improvement.

Tech Talent Scouting

We have a big network of talent we can tap into to find the perfect tech professionals for your needs, ensuring your projects never lack the skilled hands they require.

World-class team with experience at: